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We make life easier and empathize with the frustration of our customers. What we have found is that bad credit is equal to financial prison. Our focus is to free our customers. We are experts at the dispute process and our company goal is to always explore all avenues to seek resolution. The credit reporting agencies use a scoring system which tiers you at Poor, Fair, Good & Excellent. Our dispute resolution process allows you to tier up, to achieve higher scores and credit freedom. Our services are exclusive, available only by way of referrals from our trusted business partners or clients.


You should be educated about your credit, but are you? Do you know the ways to build and maintain your credit? Understanding credit is a challenge. Our educational focus is to help you build, use, and maintain your credit profile; and getting it where you want it to be.


Credit management can be stressful, but we are here to help. Our highly motivated team takes pride in being there each step of the way. Our commitment to communication and client service is key to our process. Credit is personal and a personal touch is what we provide.


It only takes one late or missed payment to negatively impact your credit score. When this happens, restoring your creditworthiness is difficult and frustrating to do on your own. Our mission is to use the many credit tools at our disposal to restore the reputation of your credit profile.

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